Bachelor in Tourism in Nepal




The BTTS course program is designed to give students a solid foundation for career in travel and tourism sector. This program explores the wide variety of services provided by today travel and tourism industry while delivering the business knowledge and skills required for success in the private and public sectors of tourism. Upon successful completion of the program the students will be able to pursue their careers in tourism & will also be able to join higher level courses in travel and tourism or any management courses.


The program comprises of eight semesters of six months each with a total of 117 credits. Each credit hour is equivalent to 30 hours. Besides classroom teaching hours, the credit hours carried by the program also comprise of all learning activities (i.e. reading & comprehending the print materials, listening to audio, watching video, attending counseling and writing assignment).


  •  Accountancy and Financial Management
  •  Basic Entrepreneurship
  •  Basic Mathematics
  •  Business Economics
  •  Fundamentals of Management
  •  Human Resource Management
  •  Organizational Behavior
  •  Statistics and Tourism Measurement
  •  Tourism Economics
  •  Travel and Tourism English
  •  Travel and Tourism Legislation
  •  Travel Trade Finance and Accounting
  •  Airlines Ticketing & Fare Construction
  •  Basics of Tourism
  •  Computer Applications in Tourism
  •  Contemporary Issues in Travel & Tourism
  •  Customer Relations
  •  Foreign Language
  •  Industrial Practice
  •  Personality Development and Tourism Business Communication
  •  Presentations on Tourism & Study Tour
  •  Tourism and Environment
  •  Tourism Development Planning
  •  Tourism Geography
  •  Tourism Marketing
  •  Travel Information, Facilitation and Frontier Formalities
  •  Travel Trade Operations
  •  Travel Trade Operations & Management


  • Adventure Tourism
  •  History, Culture and Heritage Tourism
  •  Hotel Management
  •  MICE
  • Teaching Methodology:- Classroom lectures and tutorials using audiovisual aids such as power point presentation, videos, overhead projectors etc. case studies with assignments, industrial orientation, field trips, excursion to establishments / locations as per the curricular requirement and talk programs, workshops and seminars arranged conducted at regular intervals.The students are required to acquire actual work experience of 60 days as industrial practice. Students will have to undergo internship of six moths in the 7th semester. They are also required to present seminar papers, prepare project reports and undertake industrial visits (30 days after one year course of study and 40 days after two years course of study.


  • Faculty:– Highly experienced at national and international level, fully dedicated, energetic and well-qualified faculty members are appointed. They possess knowledge and skills required to be imparted for efficient operation and management of both private and public sectors of tourism.

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