Kathmandu Academy of Tourism and Hospitality (KATH) has designed course programmes for aspiring professionals in travel, tourism and hospitality management. The course programmes are designed in semester/credit system to suite time and budget following highest international standards.Tourism is rapidly expanding industry worldwide. Tourism industry is now and is expected to remain a leading contributor to the world economy playing a significant role in helping nations to create new business, earn foreign exchange, create employment and foster global ties.

Tourism industry is not only growing at an extraordinary rate, but it is also changing. Some identified changes include economically sustainable development and ecotourism, the emergence of theme parks, convention facilities, new types of businesses, attractions and increased computerization particularly in the travel and accommodation sectors. These changes mean that the industry needs people with advanced technical and managerial skills. The fast pace of growth in visitor arrivals globally and particularly in Asia and the Pacific region including Nepal has resulted in a shortage of staff with management skills required for the tourism firms and organizations to maintain competitive advantage. Given the discretionary nature of tourism spending and competitive world market for tourist destinations, it is vital that the general level of management skills remain high in order to maximize the benefits from continued growth. Choosing the right career can be a daunting task. I am sure, students must be facing a dilemma of whether one should take up a job after his/her studies or obtain professional training/education. Good training/education today holds key to future success. To prepare for career, however, one needs enthusiasm and dedication. We treat each of our students as an individual and take care to ensure that the students time with us is successful and useful. This homepage is designed to give an insight of the academy covering its overall aspects. However, if any body wants to find out more, we will be more than happy to talk to you perhaps at one of our open days. On behalf of the faulty and staff, I look forward to welcoming students at the academy.