Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Studies

bachelor in travel and tourism management

Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Studies (BTTS)

BTTS is a full-time four years program of Purbanchal University which provides skilled human resource for the growth of the tourism industry of Nepal. Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to perform foreign tourism service tasks including, organizing, managing and organizing trips, trekking and rafting programs; domestic and international air ticketing; appreciate tourism growth preparation; enforce effective tourism management policies; and be able to undertake more specialized courses in travel and tourism management.

The BTTS curriculum was developed to train students to join the hospitality industry as workers at the middle management level and to work in the sectors of travel and tourism. Students on completion of the course

  • Will has both technically and actually developed an appreciation of travel and tourism and its operation;
  • Will be able to handle foreign tourism business activities, including managing, supervision and preparation of trips, treks and rafting services, and handling of domestic and international air ticketing operations
  • You would be able to understand and appreciate tourism marketing, preparation for tourism growth, management and calculation
  • Will be qualified to take additional (advanced) travel and tourism courses or any advanced management course
  • In the travel and tourism sector, will able to build entrepreneurship skills.


The BTTS course provides extensive and invaluable exposure to all facets of tourism, and for this, creative methods such as stated workshops, case preparations/study, community conversation, problem solving exercises, audio-visual interpretations, workshops, guest speaker, realistic work, book analysis, industrial association, field work/investigations, etc. are used for successful teaching and hi-teaching.

Leading and seasoned personnel from various tourism industries are frequently invited to connect with the students at the college and complement the teaching curriculum.

Carrier Prospects

You will be qualified enough to compete in these field after your graduation.


KATH College provide scholarship to deserving students. Also After every semister result toper students are provided 50% scholarship for next semister.

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